Trūth about me

Born and raised in Edmonton. I enjoyed the grittiness of competition playing sports. Problem is I had this foolish do-not-quit-at-all-costs attitude sending me to the physiotherapist weekly. I discovered Spin as a low impact alternative to sports during rehabilitation. I developed this love/hate relationship with it (65/35%) and couldn't stay away from the studio long. The atmosphere, the people, the energy - I am addicted to that higher state you achieve when all of that comes together; even more so to conquering that struggle getting there. As a TrūLeader, I have been told my calm exterior is a juxtaposition to the work we are putting in. My soft voice requires my MIC pack turnt up to 11, but don't let that mislead you (the music is still louder than me) - we will find that flow state and own the journey there.

Trū music style in class

All of the above. R&B, Old School, New School, Hip Hop, House, Rap, Trap, EDM, Indie, Rock, Folk...I favour the moody, atmospheric, gritty music. Songs that will get you out of your mind and lost in the music. Songs to remind of you of those late nights at the bar and those early mornings coming home.

Trūth bombs

1. Chemical Engineer, 5.5 Years, 2 Degrees, still don't know what I am doing
2. Applied to become one of Canada's Astronauts just for the formal rejection letter - I got further into the selection process than I ever wanted to.
3. Will get almost anything tattooed if someone else pays for it.
– Trū Story

I spin for...

that feeling - to forget everything outside of those doors, to get lost in the music, to contribute to the collective energy in the room. Trū Story.

Trū words to live by

Turn up. Don't burn up.

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