Opening December 28th


Trū Riders!

Drum roll (one last time)…

We are VERY excited to announce that on December 28th our new Trū Ride location will be open in World Health Club Gateway at 3414 Gateway Blvd (north entrance).


FREE Classes! Book a bike now!


You and your friends (go ahead and invite them to come along!) can come check out the new space, take a killer spin class and get sweaty… again, everyone ride FREE until January 15th.

Waste no time; click below and reserve your bike today.

If you haven't already, create an account. If you have a good ol' trū account, nothing to worry about.

If you had a class pass or unlimited membership, don’t worry; these will be honoured at the new location.

See you (real) soon Trū Riders!

Your are Awesome!
– Trū Story

Questions & Answers


Will I have to be a World Health Club member to attend classes at Trū Ride?

No! You do not have to be a member. You can just become a Trū Ride member and use the WHC club facilities before or after your ride! 

I already have class passes at Trū Ride that I’ve purchased… Can I use those at the new studio?

Yes! Absolutely you can. If you have any class passes that have expiry dates coming up please let us know so we can adjust those for you.

I don’t want to be part of a “gym”. This is why I liked riding at Trū Ride… What will the set up be like?

Great question! Trū Riders will have the best of both worlds if they so choose! Our studio space is set up as a private, separate, enclosed space within the WHC Gateway Club. We have our own entrance on the North side of the building, tons of free parking, front desk check in by our Trū Crew, cubbies to store your belongings in the studio, coat racks, seating area, vanity area and our Trū Swag retail area just like before. You do have access to the WHC facilities (locker rooms, steam room, weight room, Group Fitness Classes) if you choose to use them before and after your ride.

Will it still have the same Trū Vibe?

Absolutely! We have worked hard to maintain the same vibe and feel of the original studio space with a few tweaks here and there. Change is good!

You didn’t have childcare before, will you now?

Yes! Trū Riders will be able to use the Kids Club located within the WHC Gateway location. You will have to pre book and there will be a small fee per child.

Are classes and class times going to be like before?

There will be much of the same and more as far as class times and some additions with class types and offerings!

I’m a brand new Trū Rider – will you still be offering Spin School and the first ride free?

Absolutely!  While Spin School isn’t mandatory, its a great place to start. Brand new rider? Your first Trū Ride is always on us!


Your first trū ride is always on us! Get Your FREE Class >     SCHEDULE   LOGIN | REGISTER