Meet Trū Rider Tom

So back in the day I would have been pretty active in sports, track & field, long distance running, lacrosse, baseball, hockey and pretty much ate & drank anything I wanted… like some of us over time the ‘active’ would have slowed, aka crawled with work and just life in general, while the eating and beverage consumption would have remained pretty steady.

At that point I’m feeling and looking fairly slug like – the 5lbs here and there over time adds up – it was time to get back at ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ was so in the spring of 2016 my ‘it’ was jogging. This was something I was reasonable at before; however, I found I’d changed; weather and winter became challenges… I don’t like running in the rain & wind and zero chance I’d run in the snow…. perhaps indoor running…. the treadmill, well that’s not very stimulating and struggled to stick with a program… so seemingly stuck in exercise purgatory I needed to find something new and more importantly something I would enjoy.

Fortunately a friend of mine encouraged me to try spinning so at the beginning of 2017 I found something new & what has become a real passion and lifestyle change.

Today, unless I’m travelling I’m spinning 3 to 5 times a week at Trū Ride & when I am out of town I’ll peddle at the hotel gyms. I’m feeling way better, dropped some weight and inches… still more shed but that just takes time…. I’m watching a bit more of what I’m eating

I spin for whatever beverage you’re pouring!

As for spin music I’m pretty wide open… anything with a solid, up tempo beat works better for a guy with two left feet… actually I’m a pretty big country guy – still look’n for a few country songs to break through and hit the spin class… throwing down the gauntlet… any takers ha-ha!!


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