Trūth about me

Athleticism may not run in my family (if you ever see my dad you'd understand!) but that didn't stop me from getting involved in any sport I could. From soccer, swimming, lacrosse, competitive dance and gymnastics, I've always loved to stay active. However, sometimes your body has different plans for you... I was forced to retire my leotards and dancing shoes due to a knee injury. Except in the end, I traded my dancing shoes for spin shoes! My first ever spin class was at Tru Ride Cycle Studio, and now I have truly come full circle by being blessed with the opportunity to be a part of an incredible team.
Having a bad day? Get in that class, get your head in the game and sweat it out! No better place to get yourself right than in that studio.

Trū music style in class

My gosh, everything. BESIDES COUNTRY! I'm a hip-hop and R&B gal. But you'll see me mix in a few electronic and dance beats in there to get you movin'.

Trūth bombs

1. My parents are born and raised in Moscow, Russia. But I was born in Israel!
2. I can eat every hour, on the hour, and never be full. It's gross.
3. My puppy over everything.
– Trū Story

I spin for...

Myself. Everyone. No one in particular. I teach to provide everyone with the unforgettable experience that I had when I first started at the studio. I hope to have riders leave feeling excited and motivated to do better, to be better. Trū Story.

Trū words to live by

"We are as we are, until we are not." I'm a major over-thinker and love to control things. This quote brings me down to earth when I start losing my mind - so much so that I got it tattooed on me!

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