Trūth about me

I'm a medical laboratory technologist by night and Group Exercise Instructor by day.

Trū music style in class

I love music, so truthfully anything goes. I love everything that makes you want to move faster, be stronger and maybe even twerk a bit :).

Trūth bombs

1. I was born in Jamaica but grew up on acreage in Ardrossan, Alberta.
2. I stand for 3 three things: Beyoncé, the color purple and Will Smith
3. I'm a huge sport fans especially hockey...Go Oilers!
– Trū Story

I spin for...

me :). I started spinning to give myself a new challenge, but what I found was an environment where I can give myself some "me" time. I have a pretty crazy work-life schedule and spin provides me with that 1 hr where I can let go of all the stress of the day/ week and just be me..... lost in the music and the dark. Trū Story.

Trū words to live by

"I am women phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me." – Maya Angelou

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