Trūth about me

By day I'm a TV writer/producer creating commercials and content for a local TV station. I'm also a giant music nerd, and I'm constantly searching for just the right music to create the right mood for a story.
My favorite story? The one where you hop on that bike, clip in, push beyond your limits, and have a blast. Your soundtrack will get your adrenaline up, get you working harder than you thought you could, and leave you energized and high-fiving your co-stars by the time the credits roll. In this story, you kick a lot of ass. Especially your own.

Trū music style in class

Huge bass. Big buildups. Massive drops. Fists-in-the-air bangers and slick, introspective cool downs. Electronic, house, trap, hip hop, hard rock, indie rock.

Trūth bombs

1. Fluently bilingual.
2. Vinyl record junkie.
3. Proud Maritimer.

I spin for...

The emotional release, the mental reset, and the guilt-free consumption of craft beer.
– Trū Story

Trū words to live by

"The first revolution is when you change your mind." – Gil Scott-Heron

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