Trūth about me

I founded Trū Ride in 2014 after spending over two decades as a fitness leader in Edmonton. I fell in love with Spin all over again after experiencing the “boutique” feel and vibe in other great cities and knew I needed to bring it here. In my other life! I’ve worked in the wine & spirits industry for over twenty years!

Trū music style in class

EDM mostly - I do love unique DJ mixes, a little bit of alt rock and a dash of progressive - not a ton of Hip Hop! Music that moves you...

Trūth bombs

1. I’d rescue every dog in the world...actually every animal if I could.
2. I’m terrified of bees.
3. I ♥ Country Music.
– Trū Story

I spin for...

Wine (& a good G&T). Trū Story.

Trū words to live by

Don’t stop believin’...- Steve Perry

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